EYENIMAL Pet Vision Live HD


Thanks to the EYENIMAL Pet Vision Live HD digital video camera, you can keep a close eye on your pet form your smartphone or touchpad.

This technology is aimed at the owners anxious or curious about what their pet is doing during when they’re away. It allows them to identify some unwanted behaviours n order to discuss them with a specialist (veterinary surgeon, animal behaviourist). You can also talk to your pet to help him feeling less nervous when he hears your voice.

Features and specifications:

• Video resolution: HD 1280X720 Pixels
• Automatically switches to night vision: infrared vision up to 10 meters
• Horizontal sweep 270° / Vertical sweep 80°
• 2-way audio system and recording to interact with your pet
• Motion detection: push alerts on the App
• 4 channel view, supports up to 10 onlines users viewing on line at the same time
• Dimensions: 12x13x13 cm
• Power supply: external power adapter 5VDC/2A
•2-year warranty

Additional information